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Version: 5.2

Welcome to the NeuVector Docs

Here you can access the complete documentation for NeuVector, the only Kubernetes-native container security platform.

NeuVector Images on Docker Hub

The images are on the NeuVector Docker Hub registry. Use the appropriate version tag for the manager, controller, enforcer, and leave the version as 'latest' for scanner and updater. For example:

  • neuvector/manager:5.2.0
  • neuvector/controller:5.2.0
  • neuvector/enforcer:5.2.0
  • neuvector/scanner:latest
  • neuvector/updater:latest

Please be sure to update the image references in appropriate yaml files.

If deploying with the current NeuVector Helm chart (v1.8.9+), the following changes should be made to values.yml:

  • Update the registry to
  • Update image names/tags to the appropriate version on Docker hub, as shown above
  • Leave the imagePullSecrets empty

If upgrading from NeuVector 4.x, please see these instructions.

Deploy on Kubernetes

Install NeuVector via kubectl commands

Deploy Using Helm Charts

Deploy NeuVector on Kubernetes or OpenShift

OpenShift Operator

Deploy NeuVector using Red Hat Certified or Community Operator

Popular Topics

Preparing for Deployment

Plan deployments including persistent data backups

CI/CD Automated Scanning

Scan images as part of a CI/CD pipeline

Security Policy as Code

Create and manage security policy using CRDs

Operationalize NeuVector

Move from Discovery Mode to Monitor & Protect Modes

Manage Vulnerabilities & Compliance

End-to-End scanning & compliance reporting

Users and Roles

Add users and customize role-based access control (RBAC)

Network Segmentation and Threats

Using the container firewall network rules, egress controls, and threat detection

Enterprise Authentication & SSO

LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, OpenID, Okta integration

NeuVector API Reference

Automate NeuVector using the REST API